Innure Real Estate

Innure’s real-estate software suite is a high-end real-estate management platform that offers great value to the customers. After deploying, this suite offers customers various innovative features through which they can keep track of real-estate properties, manage details, maintain a picture album and allows the end user to search for the listed real-estate properties in the website.


The main features of Innure’s real-estate software suite are the following :


A very effective search functionality allows the customer to search for properties listed in the system either to rent or buy. All the properties listed in the system are assigned a unique code which allows the returning users to search using the unique code to bring up details of a specific property.


Innure’s real-estate suits also allows searches based on the type of the real-estate property the users are looking for. Users can search for Residence, Commercial or Land under the properties listed for sale or rent.


The search gives a preview of all the properties that are queried for and users can further navigate to details of a specific property by clicking the More Details. The More Details view offers comprehensive information about the searched property which involves a Property Information, Property Description, and Location Address.


Using the Send Enquiry option, users can contact you for further information on the real-estate property.

Easy Navigation :

The navigation panel situated at the left allows easy navigation for the users. The flexibility offered by Innure’s real-estate suite allows customers to incorporate as many pages and subpages to this navigation panel.


This allows the users to list the various functionalities offered by Innure’s real estate suite in an eye pleasing and easily accessible manner.

Front End Features

  • Property For Sale (Residence, Commercial and Land)
  • Property for Rent (Residence, Commercial and Land)
  • Property Management
  • Market Research
  • Facility Management
  • Exclusive Representation
  • International Sales
  • Development Advisory
  • Finance Consultancy
  • Construct and Contract
  • Interior Consultancy
  • Letting and Relocation
  • List Your Property